string orchestra

Ekho & Penelope (2009)

for string orchestra or quintet

jenn's artEkho & Penelope was premiered in spring 2009 at the Eastman School of Music. These two movements also exist in an earlier version for string quartet, and a string orchestra version of Ekho’s Lament was commissioned by Millersville University orchestra under the direction of Reuben Blundell in 2009. (see category ORCHESTRA) The premiere at Eastman was dedicated to the memory of friend and artist Jennifer Mathiason, and an example of her beautiful artwork is shown above.

Each piece can be performed on its own. If programmed together, title the piece Ekho & Penelope, and indicate each of these as movements.

Ekho’s Lament

Duration: 6 minutes
PDF Score: $15

PDF Parts: $10

Penelope Awaiting By Her Bedside…

Duration: 4 minutes
PDF Score: $10

PDF Parts: $5