“Lulling Charities” by Jennifer Bellor to “Das Ornament des verliebten Herzens” (1919) by Lotte Reiniger

My favorite animated short film 🎞️was created in 1919 by Lotte Reiniger titled “Das Ornament des verliebten Herzens” (The Ornament of the Lovestruck Heart❤️). Ever since I was introduced to it at Eastman back in 2008 for a composition project at the time, I envisioned writing a new piece for it in the future – a song with original lyrics that was inspired by dreams and how we experience love. “Lulling Charities” is one of the first songs I have completed thus far for my new video concept album project. It is also the first piece of mine that utilizes my antique pump organ – harmonium – and toy piano. This project is really special to me because I fell in love with this animation and am really excited to share it! 😍🎵

Lulling Charities (2017)
Music and Lyrics by Jennifer Bellor
Film “Das Ornament des verliebten Herzens” (1919) by Lotte Reiniger

Voice, Harmonium, toy piano by Jennifer Bellor
Acoustic guitar by Phil Joy
Mixing and Editing by Phil Joy
Mastering by Gil Kaupp

Film “Das Ornament des verliebten Herzens” (1919) by Lotte Reiniger
film from the George Eastman House

Here is the audio on Soundcloud:

Music Video shoot for “O Soothest Sleep” to be released this fall

The filming of O Soothest Sleep is complete and is now in post production! This is one of the songs/videos that will be featured in my concept album titled TO SLEEP, which explores the various ways humans escape experience other realities.

O Soothest Sleep is a lullaby sung by the protagonist’s inner voice calming her down, reassuring her that she has the ability to leave her reality and experience a beautiful place of wonder and serenity in her dreams. The setting in the music video will go back and forth between a dream sequence and places outside in nature where she feels alive and empowered (various outside venues in Las Vegas including Spring Mountain Ranch park, Calico Basin and the Clark County Wetlands). The video is being produced by Zen Ritual Creative Services, LLC and will be released late October.

The filming of O Soothest Sleep was made possible by a 2017 Nevada Arts Council Jackpot Grant.

Here are some photos from the video shoot by Zen Ritual:

Lyrics to O Soothest Sleep:

“Lulling Charities” with 1919 animated silhouette film by Lotte Reiniger

Written for and inspired by Lotte Reiniger’s animated short film “Das Ornament des verliebten Herzens” (1919)
Voice, electric guitar, harmonium and electronics
Music, lyrics and voice by Jennifer Bellor
Electric guitar w/improv and mixing/editing by Phil Joy
Duration: 3 minutes

Will be premiered at the October 2 Nextet Concert at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 7:30pm, Doc Rando

Lulling Charities is a song I wrote that is not only inspired by and can be featured with Lotte Reiniger’s animated short, but is also written for my new concept album “To Sleep.” The title of the song is taken from the poem “To Sleep” by John Keats. While writing the music/lyrics, I envision a dream where the character wakes up to a world where hearts grow on trees. Ingesting these hearts will give one a hallucination of euphoria and intense feelings for the person with whom the heart is shared. Like every hallucination, however, it could be short-lived and reality could set in sooner than we want, perhaps leaving the couple heart-broken from any issues that can arise in a relationship. For this couple, however, despite the pain that occurs, they are able to prevail because love for one another is strong and can “withstand the test of time.”

Crystalline for 2 pianos and percussion – Recording available

Crystalline (2017) for two pianos and percussion was premiered Sunday, July 2nd in Kilbourn Hall, Eastman School of Music on the program “Sonic Clusters II” produced by pianists Olga Shupyatskaya and Futaba Niekawa:

Olga Shupyatskaya and Futaba Niekawa, pianos
Matt Witten and Chris Jones, percussion

The composition is inspired by the fusion of natural elements resulting in the creation of these beautiful crystal-like patterns/structures found in nature. In Crystalline, the pattern is a melody line that is first heard in its entirety by the vibraphone. Throughout the piece, the interplay among the instruments evokes images of these elements coming together and breaking a part as the structure is formed, creating a sparkly, crystal-like atmosphere.

Also available on SoundCloud: