898 HILDEGARD (2016)

Interview on KNPR with Dave Becker March 29, 2017

album STAY (2016)

“wonderful demonstration of how to maintain a highly individual compositional identity without needing to take refuge in pre-post-genre musical silos” – Frank J. Oteri, NewMusicBox

“raw and wild with a beauty that’s so enchanting it is unforgettable” – No Depression

“like a piece of literature through the form of music. Every cut tells a story that is worth listening and understanding” (Jazz Corner and Wavelengthla)

“gorgeously ethereal” – Rochester City Newspaper

“Jennifer Bellor tops exuberance with raciness in Bordello Nights, evoking smoky erotic haunts in New Orleans. Bellor is amazingly deft at pitting jazz soloists against big-band splashiness. I was riveted and entertained by its unfolding air of fantasia and improvisation.” – Huntley Dent, Fanfare Magazine

“Jennifer’s special ability to guide the listener on an introspective tour encompassing a wide range of emotions is realized with this brilliant composition.The use of contemporary/popular music compositional form and technique, the essence of a jazz-like performance, and a serious piece for wind orchestra such as this, are great combinations resulting in this superb piece for wind orchestra and jazz ensemble.” – Fanfare Magazine interview with Tom Leslie, UNLV Wind Orchestra

“terrific piece of big band jazz” – Henry Fogel, Fanfare Magazine

DUFFY’S CUT (2013)
“flair for full-bodied, operatic sound” – Washington Post

“using contrasting rhythms and clever harmonies to an intriguing effect” – Huffington Post