Jennifer Bellor’s music (ASCAP) is self-published (BellorMusic).

Available for purchase: JW Pepper, Sheet Music Direct, and Sheet Music Plus 


CHAMBER (Instrumental)








WINDS (includes works for saxophone choir, flute choir, horn choir, brass ensemble, wind orchestra)

List of Works in Alphabetical Order  

898 Hildegard (2021) for orchestra

898 Hildegard (2017) for SATB chorus and orchestra

A Grey Dream (2023) for violin and piano

A Smile and a Sigh (2024) song cycle for soprano, electric guitar, and piano

A Smile and A Sigh  (2020, rev. 2024) song cycle for soprano and piano 

After Hours (2014) for solo drum set

Afterglow (2016) for solo marimba

Air Aquatic (2022) for solo marimba

Air and Angels (2009, rev. 2016) for soprano/mezzo-soprano and piano or ensemble

All Rivers at Once (2020) duet for two clarinets in Bb

Amethyst Sunset (2019) for 2 pianists and 2 percussionists

Awakening (2011) for solo pipe organ and optional voice

Ballad of a Wanderer (2022) for horn choir (12 or more players)

Ballad of a Wanderer (2022) for orchestra 

Bell Song (2008) for French Horn and sinfonietta

Bordello Nights (2016) for jazz combo and wind orchestra 

Break (2013) for cello and percussion

Burning Light (2015) for mezzo-soprano/soprano and ensemble

Carousel (2023) for string orchestra 

Celestial Surroundings (2009, rev. 2020) for brass sextet, pipe organ and glockenspiel

Cerulean Twilight (2018) for violin, cello, harp, percussion and bass

Chase the Stars (2015) for soprano, rapper, string quartet, percussion, electric guitar, piano and bass

Chase the Stars (2015) Jazz instrumental versions for trumpet and big band or small group 

Chimera (2007) for orchestra 

Christabel chamber opera in 1 act

Crystal Skies (2013) for orchestra

Crystalline (2017) for 2 pianists and 2 percussionists

Cuatro Canciones De Las Últimas Horas (2024) song cycle for bass and piano

Damselfly Prelude (2021) for five-string baroque cello and fortepiano 

Duffy’s Cut (2013) chamber opera in 1 act

Echo’s Lament (2009, rev. 2018) for string orchestra

Electric Vortex (2013) for jazz combo and wind ensemble 

Elegy (Deserted) (2018) for mezzo-soprano and alto saxophone

Fallen Veneer  (2015) for 2 sopranos and mixed ensemble

Familiar Stranger (2015) for mezzo-soprano and mixed ensemble

Familiar Stranger remix (2015) for soprano saxophone, piano, electric bass and drums

Flutterby (2022) for flute and trombone

From My Doleful Prison (2017) for soprano and piano

Heat (2011) for solo marimba

High Resolution (2019) for string orchestra, harp and percussion

High Resolution (2019) for jazz orchestra/big band

Indigo Nocturne (2019) for alto saxophone, harp, electric vibraphone, percussion, and bass

Indigo Nocturne (2023) for alto saxophone and piano

La-Ti-Da (2011) for coloratura soprano, tap dance and sinfonietta

Light, Awaken (2022) for alto saxophone, flute, violin, vibraphone/suspended cymbal, and piano 

Lulling Charities (2017) 

Midnight Swim (2012) for big band feat. soprano sax

Midnight Swim (2015) for soprano sax, piano, synth, electric guitar, electric bass, drums

Moment Eternal (2015) for oboe and cello

Moments Shared, Moments Lost (2015) for clarinet in Bb and electric organ

Nightingale (2011) for coloratura soprano and piano

Noir (2024) for tenor saxophone, electric guitar, and wind ensemble

Noir (2023) for tenor saxophone, electric guitar, and orchestra 

Noir (2013/14) for big band or chamber jazz

North Star (2017) for flute choir

O Soothest Sleep (2017)

Of Maker & Movement (2019) for percussion quartet

On Tap (Just tap it!) (2009) for tap dancer and percussion trio

Oneira (2022) for percussion quartet (MalletKAT, vibraphone, and 2 marimbas)

Only Breath (2019) for clarinet in Bb and marimba

Out of the Shadows (2012) for trumpet, string quartet, vibraphone, piano, bass, drums

Out of the Shadows (2018) for trumpet, string orchestra, vibraphone, piano, electric bass, drums

Overdrive (2010, rev. 2015) big band

Penelope Awaiting (2009) for string quintet

Perhaps Not to Be (2013) for mezzo-soprano and piano or pipe organ

Querencia (2016) for vibraphone and wind ensemble

Reflections at Dusk (2019) feat. vibraphone with harp, marimba, and electric vibraphone or can be performed with “tape”

Remember (2012, rev. 2015) for SATB chorus and piano

Reviravoltas Sonoras (2022) for violin, vibraphone, and double bass

Seattle Skies (2015) for big band 

Sky Bells (2020) for orchestra 

Skylark Lullaby (2014) for saxophone choir

Soliloquy (2007) for solo cello

Songs in the Dark (2017) song cycle for mezzo-soprano or soprano and piano with optional synth and electric bass parts

Splash (2011) for big band feat. soprano sax

Stay (2015) for clarinet, vibraphone and piano

The Road Not Taken (2019) for SATB, piano, and optional synth, bass and drums

This We Have Now (2020) for percussion quartet

Time’s Arrest (2015/2021) for solo vibraphone (miniature and extended version)

Time’s Arrest (2019) duet for vibraphone and marimba 

Tone Poems of Ethereality (2015) for orchestra

Turn the Key (2018) for soprano, pipe organ, jazz clarinet, baritone sax, percussion

Uprising (2012) for jazz drum set and wind ensemble