Oneira (2022)

Oneira (2021)

percussion quartet (*MalletKAT, vibraphone, 2 marimbas)

Duration: 11′

Click HERE to view PDF of the score.

Available for purchase: JW Pepper, Sheet Music Plus, and Sheet Music Direct

Oneira, a Greek word meaning ‘dream,’ suitably entrances with contrapuntal patterns that flow as lullingly as ocean waves” (Textura)

Oneira was commissioned by Clocks in Motion percussion quartet for their album “Oneira” featuring music by Jennifer Bellor. It was premiered at the Constellation in Chicago August 28, 2022. While composing Oneira, I was inspired by virtual worlds and dreaming. Oneira is a variation of “Oneiric,” which is related to dreams or dreaming. When I did a quick google search of “oneira”, the one site that caught my attention was this page that showcased the Greek band “Oneira,” and in the description of their title, Oneira is described as “a dream enriched by the experiences and emotions of each of its members, the result of their respective backgrounds, travels, traditions.” This description resonated with me, since I imagined each of the parts alone having their own identity and character, with the mallets being tools and the keyboard instruments different materials/colors. When they come together, they create this interwoven melodic structure that to me, represents a virtual world. 

Animator Christine Banna created an animation to pair with Oneira, and the music video was featured on I Care if You Listen. It also was officially selected for film festivals, including the Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival, the SFC Film Festival in Australia, was a finalist for Best Music Film at the Munich Music Video Festival, and won best fantasy at the Mad Monster Film Fest.