1 Player

Air Aquatic (2022) for solo marimba

Time’s Arrest (2015/2021) for solo vibraphone (two versions – miniature and extended version)

Reflections at Dusk (2019) feat. vibraphone, (including electric vibraphone, harp, marimba, or with tape)

Afterglow (2016) for solo marimba

After Hours (2014) for solo drum set

Heat (2011) for solo marimba

2 Players

Time’s Arrest (2019) duet for vibraphone and marimba 

3 – 5 Players

Oneira (2021) for percussion quartet (MalletKAT, vibraphone, and 2 marimbas)

This We Have Now (2020) for percussion quartet (or quintet)

Of Maker and Movement (2019) for percussion quartet

On Tap (Just tap It!) (2009) for tap dancer and percussion trio

2 Players and 2 pianists

Amethyst Sunset (2019) for 2 pianos and 2 percussion

Crystalline (2017) for 2 pianos and 2 percussion

Soloist with large ensemble

Querencia (2016) for vibraphone and wind ensemble  

Uprising (2012) for jazz drum set and wind ensemble

Various instrumental works with percussion

Dream of a Falling Star (2024) for flute and percussion

For Ellis* (2023) for flute or violin, piano, and timpani – dedicated to timpanist – mixed level 

Light, Awaken (2022) for flute, alto saxophone, violin, piano, and vibraphone/suspended cymbal 

Reviravoltas Sonoras (2022) for violin, vibraphone, and double bass 

Indigo Nocturne (2019) for alto saxophone, harp, electric vibraphone, percussion, bass

Cerulean Twilight  (2018) for violin, cello, harp, vibraphone, marimba, 3 percussion, and bass

Vocal works with percussion

Burning Light (2015) for mezzo-soprano/soprano and mixed ensemble

Chase the Stars (2015) for soprano, rapper, string quartet, percussion, electric guitar, piano and bass

Fallen Veneer (2015) for 2 sopranos and mixed ensemble

Familiar Stranger (2015) for soprano and mixed ensemble

Late, By Myself (2010) for mezzo-soprano/soprano and organ or mixed ensemble

Drink Me (2008) for soprano and percussion quartet