Indigo Nocturne (2019)

Indigo Nocturne (2019)

for alto saxophone, harp, electric vibraphone or Mallet Kat, percussion and bass (double bass and electric bass)

Percussion (suspended cymbal, bass drum, wind chimes, waterphone)

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Score Video:

Indigo Nocturne (2019) features Shawna Pennock (alto sax); Emily Montoya Barnes (harp); Merrick Haji-Sheikh (electric vibraphone); Gabriela Ordoñez Villalobos (percussion); Molly Redfield, bass and electric bass

It was featured on album “Reflections at Dusk” and released by Innova Recordings November 15, 2019.

Duration: 6 minutes

PDF Score and Parts: $20

Electric vibraphone/Mallet Kat: The percussionist can feel free to experiment with sounds that work well in the texture, similar to the original recording.