Indigo Nocturne (2019)

Indigo Nocturne (2019)

alto saxophone, harp, *electric vibraphone, percussion and bass (double bass or electric bass)

  • Percussion (suspended cymbal, bass drum, wind chimes, waterphone)
  • *The electric vibraphone part can also be played on MalletKAT┬á

Duration: 6′

Click HERE to view a PDF of the score.

There is also a version for alto sax and piano available. Click HERE for more information.

Indigo Nocturne (2019) features Shawna Pennock (alto sax); Emily Montoya Barnes (harp); Merrick Haji-Sheikh (electric vibraphone); Gabriela Ordo├▒ez Villalobos (percussion); Molly Redfield, bass and electric bass. It was featured on album “Reflections at Dusk” and released by Innova Recordings November 15, 2019.

Electric vibraphone/MalletKAT: The percussionist can feel free to experiment with sounds that work well in the texture, similar to the original recording.