Clocks in Motion premieres new percussion quartet March 14 at Muhlenberg College

Clocks in Motion will be premiering Bellor’s new percussion work titled Of Maker & Movement at Muhlenberg College in Allentown PA during their residency on March 14, 2019. In addition to traditional percussion instruments, the piece features instruments they created, such as the galvitone.
Of Maker & Movement
1. Pendulum Surround
2. Dance of Hands
3. Quartz Revolution

Duration: 13 minutes

Of Maker & Movement was written for both traditional instruments and those created by Clocks in Motion, such as the galvitone. The piece also works for all traditional instruments (scores and parts for that version will be created soon). Please email for more details.

Elegy (Deserted) presented at the International Navy Saxophone Symposium


Megan Ihnen & Alan Thiesen Present…performed my composition Elegy (Deserted) for mezzo-soprano/soprano and alto saxophone at the International Navy Saxophone Symposium held at George Mason University January 11, 2019. In addition to Elegy (Deserted), they performed Epilogue by Jessica Rudman, From All of Our Love This Was Lost by Nick Zouleck and premiered Dark Star by Garrett Schumann.


Duration: 3 1/2 minutes

PDF (Transposing Score and C Score: $20

text is poem “Elegy (Deserted)” by Eryn Green

Elegy (Deserted) was written for Megan Ihnen & Alan Theisen present… This World of Yes for premiere at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on the Nextet concert, November 13, 2018 in Doc Rando Hall.It was selected for performance at the International Navy Saxophone Symposium January 2019.

New Track! Cerulealina by Jennifer Bellor – Supported by Nevada Arts Council Jackpot Grant


Duration: 8 minutes
for violin, cello, harp, percussion, double bass

Ying Zhang, violin
Andy Smith, cello
Emily Montoya Barnes, harp
Tim Jones, Luc Brust and Gabriela Ordoñez Villalobos, percussion
Geoff Neuman, double bass

Recording and mixing by Ron George, UNLV Recording Studio
Mastering by Gil Kaupp
Photo by Mark Maryanovich
Valley of Fire
Recording made possible by a Nevada Arts Council Jackpot Grant



It is also on YouTube:

Cerulealina is an imaginary world glowing with various shades of blue light. I chose this instrumentation because I felt it best captured the essence of this dreamy place, inspired by my favorite color, cerulean blue. Throughout the composition, the instruments intertwine and communicate with each other, creating a beautiful, sparkly and evocative landscape filled with energy. Each player has their own feature/solo throughout, which is influenced by my interests in writing pieces that feature jazz instrumentalists.

Valley of Fire Photo shoot by Mark Maryanovich

Valley of Fire Photo shoot by Mark Maryanovich