Celestial Surroundings for brass sextet, pipe organ, and percussion – new version now available

I revised my composition Celestial Surroundings, and wanted to share that the newly revised score and parts are now available! This has been on my bucket list for some time now, and when I was contacted about the piece, I decided now was the time to give it a makeover. The new version features more developed jazz pipe organ interludes in between the brass features.

Here is a MIDI demo with score of the new version:

3 Trumpets in C, 1 Horn in F, 2 Trombones, *Percussion, Pipe Organ

Duration: 7 minutes

*Optional percussion: The percussion part is optional, and all or some of the part can be played given the availability of the following instruments:

Tubular Bells, Suspended cymbal, Glockenspiel

PDF Score and Parts: $25

Celestial Surroundings (2009) was premiered by organist Nicole Marane and brass players from the Atlanta Symphony at Peachtree United Methodist church in Atlanta, GA February 8, 2009.

Here is a recording of the original version from the premiere:

New multi-screen music video: “Echo” for soprano and piano (excerpt) feat. Linda Lister and Katie Leung

My first multi-screen music video collaboration! 😅🎶 Linda Lister and Katie Leung are performing an excerpt of my song “Echo” from my song cycle “A Smile and a Sigh” (the soprano and piano version). They were going to perform it on the April 6th Nextet new music concert here at UNLV, but since the concert was canceled, I figured it would be fun to learn how to create multi-screen music videos. I spent the entire day putting this together, and learned so much! I can’t thank them enough for taking the time to record the excerpt! 😄

SKY BELLS for orchestra – new piece!

Finished a new orchestra piece! I wrote SKY BELLS for the Henderson Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Alexandra Arrieche. It would have been premiered on the May concert, but since the concert has been postponed to a later date, I was happy (and relieved) to have extra time to make the piece what it is now. It will be premiered at some point in the near future! 😊🎶


Textura Review of “Reflections at Dusk”

“Neither a serialist nor a minimalist, she’s fashioned a personal style that’s easy to embrace; she’s also that rare composer whose music manages to be instantly listenable and emotionally resonant without any compromise to its sophistication.” – textura, Reflections at Dusk

I’m beyond thrilled to share this incredible review that was published today by textura! It goes in depth describing every piece on the album, and even gives a shoutout to my UNLV colleague Shawna Pennock for her “towering sax performance” in Indigo Nocturne, to the Clark High School Symphonic Strings for their performance (“impassioned outpourings”) of High Resolution, and to the Eastman Saxophone Project for playing with “immense feeling,” indicating a “magnificent climax at the eight-minute mark.” The music was described as “mesmerizing,” “lyrical,” and “haunting.”

Textura – Full Review

I am also featured as one of the Spotlight Artists: Spotlight Feature on Textura

New Song Cycle! – A Smile and a Sigh – now available!

A Smile and A Sigh (2020)

Song Cycle
Text by Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)
I. A Song of Flight
II. Echo
III. Long These Days That Pass

Duration: 13 minutes
Click HERE to read poems

Multiple Versions:
1) Soprano and piano
2) Two Sopranos and piano and/or piano and mixed ensemble with elastic scoring
3) Soprano and electric guitar
(written for soprano Kristina Bachrach and electric guitarist D.J. Sparr)

Soprano and Piano

Below are DEMO recordings of the songs:

I. A Song of Flight (the song has since been revised/expanded; to see the updated version, please look at the MIDI demo score video under “Two Singers”):

II. Echo

III. Long These Days That Pass

Soprano and Piano Score: $40
PDF Download

Two Sopranos and piano and/or piano with mixed ensemble

This version was written for a specific instrumentation for an upcoming concert, but the instrumentation is elastic – I am more than happy to change/add parts to this, if you are interested in the mixed ensemble parts. Nonetheless, this version works fine with two singers and piano.

Audio of MIDI – I. A Song of Flight – one soprano

Here is a MIDI DEMO Score Video (piano part is the same in both vocal score and mixed ensemble):

Audio of MIDI – II. Echo – one soprano

Here is a MIDI DEMO Score Video (piano part is the same in both vocal score and mixed ensemble):

Audio of MIDI – III. Long These Days That Pass – two sopranos

Here is a MIDI DEMO Score Video (piano part is the same in both vocal score and mixed ensemble):

Vocal Score for two sopranos and piano: $40
PDF Download

Vocal Score for all three songs plus the two options for third song (either soprano and piano or duet with piano): $50
PDF Download