Carousel for string orchestra – Now Available!

Carousel (2023)

for string orchestra

Duration: 5′

Click HERE to view a PDF of the score.

Now available for purchase at JW Pepper and Sheet Music Plus

Live premiere – LVYO Chamber Orchestra


Carousel is inspired by the piece Alone in Kyoto by the french band Air which was featured in the Sophia Coppola Film, Lost in Translation. Scarlett Johansson’s character is exploring the Heian Shrine by herself to the sounds of electronic music, plucked piano and guitar. Carousel features rhythmic pizzicato strings in all four parts with bowed solos in the violins and cellos. The constant driving pizzicatos evoke the feeling of being on a mysterious carousel.

Total playing time is under 5 mins and is Level 4.

Carousel was premiered by the Las Vegas Youth Chamber Orchestra on May 1, 2023, conducted by Tim Warren.

For_* – piece dedicated to your timpanist! – mixed level

For___* (2023)

for flute, piano, and timpani or violin, piano, and timpani

Duration: 4′

Level of Timpani part: Beginner

Level of Flute and Piano parts: Intermediate/Advanced

Click HERE to view the score with flute

Flute version available for purchase on JW Pepper, Sheet Music Direct, and Sheet Music Plus

Click HERE to view the score with violin

Link to premiere featuring violin

Violin version available for purchase on JW Pepper, Sheet Music Direct, and Sheet Music Plus

Dedicate the piece to your timpani player and add the first name of the timpanist to the title of the piece. This piece was written to feature a timpani player who is in the very early stages of learning the instrument and who wants to perform for the first time with their esteemed musician friends. I wrote the piece for Ellis Landau, a wonderful friend and supporter of the Las Vegas Philharmonic.  Titled FOR ELLIS,  Ellis premiered the piece alongside his distinguished friends  from the Phil at a gala event on March 29, 2023. It was his first time performing on stage and before the premiere, did not have a musical background.

The timpani player (for whom this piece was written) did not read music.  In lieu of the standard notation, I created a chart of numbers for the player.  I also conducted the premiere in order for him to  follow all of my cues and know when to play.  

For more information, please email

A Grey Dream – new track and music video – violin and piano

Thrilled to share my new music video A Grey Dream


John Irrera, violin

Joe Irrera, piano

Shahab Zargari, Director of Photography and editing

Ron George, Recording, mixing and mastering

Recorded and filmed in Doc Rando Hall, UNLV

A Grey Dream is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Happy New Year! New music for violin

I finished my first piece of the New Year! A Grey Dream for violin and piano will be premiered by the Irrera Brothers on February 6, 2023 at the UNLV Nextet series concert. Here is a MIDI mockup:

MIDI Mockup

I also have another piece for violin, vibraphone and double bass titled Reviravoltas Sonoras, which is now available for purchase. Here is the audio of the MIDI mockup and for more information, please click HERE.

MIDI Mockup

Music Video – ONEIRA – I Care if You Listen

Official music video for “Oneira” 👽🛸 Here is a link to the article and the exclusive premiere of the video:…/video-premiere-clocks…/

Thank you, I Care if You Listen, for helping us share this video with the world! This science fiction short showcases the very special collaboration I had with the brilliant animator Christine Banna.

From Christine: “The concept for “Oneira” originated as a direct response to the music. I took in Jen’s composition and studied it before I started the process of conceptualizing the animation. I let my response to the music develop organically. From the start, the percussion felt like it had a crystalline sound, so I knew crystals would be an essential aspect of the narrative and visuals…From there, I started to develop a character who was thrown on a journey to mirror the flow and change in the composition itself. Science fiction felt like a genre that would give me a lot of freedom aesthetically and narratively, and with those initial seeds, I began to explore, research, and plan.”

Album ONEIRA drops today!

My new album with Clocks in Motion Percussion drops today! 🎶🎧 ONEIRA is now available for streaming and the links provided take you to Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, etc.

“It turns out that Ms. Bellor came through with music that is not rote-ly repetitively Minimalist or New in an expected sense. Rather you might experience this music as I did, as a kind of New Classical Ethnic-Folk hybrid of pentatonic and diatonic musics of infectious rhythm and brightly chiming and syncopating excitement, like perhaps in essence Balinese Gamelan, only wholly original and local to the US like the legacy of percussion group music classics from here, only evolved and inventive in its own ways. Each work unfolds in nicely built structures of expression, in ways that those who love melodic percussion groups will doubtless find as charming and continually invigorating as I did. Happily recommended!” – Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

This new album features all of the music I wrote for Clocks over the last four years as their resident Clock Shop composer. It was a very special collaboration and I’m thrilled to be able to share this album with everyone!

Click HERE for links to Bandcamp, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, etc.

Coming up:

The album release concert will be in Chicago on August 28th at Constellation. Livestream tickets are also available. For more information, click HERE.

Stay tuned for more news about the music animation video that will be released very soon!

ONEIRA – Album will be released August 19th!

Oneira (2022)

Coming soon: Oneira by Clocks in Motion

Oneira (2022) will be released on August 19, 2022 by Aerocade Music featuring all of the percussion quartet music I composed for Clocks in Motion percussion over the last four years as their resident Clock Shop composer.

Oneira is a variation of the word “oneiric” meaning dreams or dreaming.

From the label, Aerocade Music:

“Our 2022 release is Oneira by Clocks in Motion. We know you’ll love this album of percussion quartets written by Jennifer Bellor.

We think Oneira sounds like it could be a collaboration between Dave Brubeck, Enya, and Steve Reich. If they were in an alternate universe… inside a video game… on a different planet? 🤷🏻‍♀️ ???

What it really says is that Jennifer Bellor’s music is too big for one square genre! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the album when it comes out!!”


  1. Of Maker and Movement, I. Pendulum Surround
  2. Of Maker and Movement, II. Quartz Revolution
  3. Of Maker and Movement, III. Dance of Hands
  4. Oneira
  5. This We Have Now

Oneira track featured on Classical Discoveries

Check out Marvin Rosen’s show Classical Discoveries aired on July 13, 2002. My composition Oneira is featured in the program at 1:31:44. It was written for and recorded by Clocks in Motion percussion ensemble. The album, also titled “Oneira,” will be released by Aerocade Music on August 19, 2022. This track will also be paired with an animation produced by Christine Banna and will be released early August (date TBD).