Textura Review of “Reflections at Dusk”

“Neither a serialist nor a minimalist, she’s fashioned a personal style that’s easy to embrace; she’s also that rare composer whose music manages to be instantly listenable and emotionally resonant without any compromise to its sophistication.” – textura, Reflections at Dusk

I’m beyond thrilled to share this incredible review that was published today by textura! It goes in depth describing every piece on the album, and even gives a shoutout to my UNLV colleague Shawna Pennock for her “towering sax performance” in Indigo Nocturne, to the Clark High School Symphonic Strings for their performance (“impassioned outpourings”) of High Resolution, and to the Eastman Saxophone Project for playing with “immense feeling,” indicating a “magnificent climax at the eight-minute mark.” The music was described as “mesmerizing,” “lyrical,” and “haunting.”

Textura – Full Review

I am also featured as one of the Spotlight Artists: Spotlight Feature on Textura

New Song Cycle! – A Smile and a Sigh – now available!

A Smile and A Sigh (2020)

Song Cycle
Text by Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)
I. A Song of Flight
II. Echo
III. Long These Days That Pass

Duration: 13 minutes
Click HERE to read poems

Multiple Versions:
1) Soprano and piano
2) Two Sopranos and piano and/or piano and mixed ensemble with elastic scoring
3) Soprano and electric guitar
(written for soprano Kristina Bachrach and electric guitarist D.J. Sparr)

Soprano and Piano

Below are DEMO recordings of the songs:

I. A Song of Flight (the song has since been revised/expanded; to see the updated version, please look at the MIDI demo score video under “Two Singers”):

II. Echo

III. Long These Days That Pass

Soprano and Piano Score: $40
PDF Download

Two Sopranos and piano and/or piano with mixed ensemble

This version was written for a specific instrumentation for an upcoming concert, but the instrumentation is elastic – I am more than happy to change/add parts to this, if you are interested in the mixed ensemble parts. Nonetheless, this version works fine with two singers and piano.

Audio of MIDI – I. A Song of Flight – one soprano

Here is a MIDI DEMO Score Video (piano part is the same in both vocal score and mixed ensemble):

Audio of MIDI – II. Echo – one soprano

Here is a MIDI DEMO Score Video (piano part is the same in both vocal score and mixed ensemble):

Audio of MIDI – III. Long These Days That Pass – two sopranos

Here is a MIDI DEMO Score Video (piano part is the same in both vocal score and mixed ensemble):

Vocal Score for two sopranos and piano: $40
PDF Download

Vocal Score for all three songs plus the two options for third song (either soprano and piano or duet with piano): $50
PDF Download

898 Hildegard (2020) for orchestra – now available

898 Hildegard (2020)

for orchestra

2 Flute, 2 Oboe, 2 Cl in Bb, 2 Horn, 2 Trumpet in Bb, 2 Trombone, 1 Bass Trombone, 1 Tuba, Timpani, Vibraphone, Multi percussion (tubular bells, tam-tam, bass drum, susp. cymbal), harp, full strings

Recording will be available Spring 2020. Here is audio of the MIDI:

898 Hildegard was commissioned by the Genesee Valley Community Orchestra and premiered June 2016 to honor their founder, Sister Virginia Hogan, through the verse and melody of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179). The title is borrowed from the name of a planetoid in our solar system, 898 Hildegard, thus connecting civilization’s ancient cosmos with the one that it continues to discover. I used excerpts from her chants “O Vis Eternitatis” and “O Gloriosissimi Lux Vivens Angeli,” in which the text is about eternity and angels. Then, I listened to the recordings of these chants on the Hildegard Society website (www.hildegard-society.org), and transcribed the performances in order to learn how these chants are presented rhythmically. After studying the intricate details of both chants, I then intertwined the original chant material with my own variations throughout, melding it together into a through-composed composition that not only displays my compositional style, but also highlights these beautiful chants by Hildegard von Bingen. It was later revised and premiered by the Las Vegas Philharmonic April 1, 2017 at the Smith Center.

The orchestra version (revised) of 898 Hildegard was written for the University of Rochester Orchestra for premiere April 2020 under the direction of Rachel L. Waddell. Live Recording will be available after the concert.

Duration: 10 Minutes
PDF Conductor Score: $20

PDF Score and Parts: $150

Reflections at Dusk – New Album released by innova

Reflections at Dusk was released by Innova Recordings November 15, 2019.
Click HERE on the Innova site for more information.
Click HERE on the Innova site for more information.

“She really must like twilight, sunset, dusk because she understands the magic of that time of day. Be sure to check this out.” – AArbor, KFJC 89.7FM Link to review

Album track Cerulean Twilight has recently been featured on radio shows Viva 21st Century hosted by Marvin Rosen, and Feminine Fusion hosted by Diane Jones:

Viva 21st Century audio link

Feminine Fusion Episode


Cerulean Twilight featured on Viva 21st Century Marathon

I’m thrilled to share that Cerulean Twilight was included on Viva 21st Century, 24-HOUR Live Annual WPRB Radio Broadcast hosted by Marvin Rosen. Approximately over 200 new works were broadcasted during the 48-hour long event. Here is a link: http://www.classicaldiscoveries.org/a_mp3_marathon/2019/1229-10-08.05-10.16.mp3

All of the composers and their music are listed here: http://www.classicaldiscoveries.org/?fbclid=IwAR1q_blsq5I8khvar8FUpiQBD6h8Si6ZSfKuMBQklUpEDBJIdTuoICF43vA