June 2021 – present

NEW ALBUM with Clocks in Motion percussion quartet. Concept Album will feature:  Of Maker and Movement (2019), This We Have Now (2020) and Oneira (2021):

  • Pendulum Surround
  • Quartz Revolution
  • Dance of Hands
  • Oneira
  • This We Have Now

Album will be released by Aerocade Music in 2022. More details soon!

Damselfly Prelude (2021) commissioned by cellist Ka-Wai Yu for violoncello piccolo and fortepiano scheduled for premiere Fall 2021

NEW MULTI-MOVEMENT WORK for solo vibraphone (multi-movement) commissioned by Niko Ronimus that will be paired with the solo vibraphone miniature, Time’s Arrest.

Dark Hours of Chime (2021) for electric vibraphone, written for Merrick Haji-Sheikh. This will be paired with an animation.

2024 Alba Music Festival Composition Program with SOLI Chamber Ensemble  Composition Faculty member – new work for SOLI

Have you listened to Reflections at Dusk released in 2019?

Second album, Reflections at Dusk was released by Innova Recordings November 15, 2019

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