This page is updated regularly to share about current composition projects on the to-do list that need to be completed very soon, large-scale projects in the planning stages, new recording projects, and upcoming release/premiere dates

COMPOSITION PROJECTS (Summer 2023 – present)

New work for flute and percussion – commission consortium led by Sophie Tegart and Chris Wilson (click HERE for more details) – to be completed by July 1, 2024

New work for flute and percussion – commissioned by Lauren Zwonik and Sam Wetzel – to be completed by mid January 2024

New work – commissioned by the Palo Verde Chorus and Orchestra for premiere December 2023 in Las Vegas

Cuatro Canciones De Las Ultimas Horas (2023/24) (Four Songs Of The Last Hours) song cycle for bass and piano

Commissioned by Norman Espinoza, I set four sonnets by Pablo Neruda for Norman to perform with piano. Norman and I will be recording these songs late Fall 2023 for release on my new album (TBD 2024)

A Smile and a Sigh (2020, 2023) song cycle for soprano and electric guitar

A Smile and a Sigh was originally written for electric guitarist D.J. Sparr and soprano Kristina Bachrach back in 2019. Earlier this summer, I decided to completely reimagine these songs to incorporate more progressive rock and improvisation elements throughout that I felt were more authentic to me and my current composition interests as I continued to have a deeper connection to the Rossetti poetry. After working with Tasos Peltekis on the guitar parts, I revised the music to include sections of guitar improvisation throughout. Selections from the cycle were premiered at the UNLV Nextet concert on September 18, 2023 and they will be recorded for my new album (release date, TBD 2024).

Noir (2023) – New version for jazz tenor sax, electric guitar, and orchestra

Commissioned by Chaowen Ting, Director of Orchestras at Georgia Tech, I wrote a new, extended version of Noir that was premiered by the Georgia Tech Concert Orchestra under the direction of Andrea Pérez Muksi. It was premiered September 26, 2023 and featured jazz saxophonist Daniel Juárez and electric guitarist Nat Condit-Schultz.

Indigo Nocturne (2023) for alto saxophone and piano

Commissioned by saxophonist Shawna Pennock, I created a new version of Indigo Nocturne specifically for alto saxophone and piano so she can perform the piece at various recitals in the future. This version will be premiered in 2024.


New Album: Two Song Cycles

New album featuring my two recent song cycles – Cuatro Canciones De Las Ultimas Horas featuring bass singer Norman Espinoza, and A Smile and a Sigh for soprano and electric guitar featuring soprano Olivia Yokers and guitarist Tasos Peltekis

Recording date: Fall 2023 (TBA)

New Music Videos: Two will be released to feature a song from each of the song cycles

Recording dates: Fall 2023 (TBA)

FUTURE PROJECTS: Early stages of planning/brainstorming

New work for flute and percussion – more details to share soon!

Concerto for Electric Guitar: Version for Orchestra and Version for Wind Ensemble

I have been wanting to compose a concerto for electric guitar for quite some time now, and really excited to finally move forward to making this happen! The piece will incorporate progressive rock/jazz elements.

Project completion date: 2024

Project for sometime in future: Ballet and Concept Album – Adaptation of Jean Cocteau’s Orpheus

I want to compose a large-scale work that will work both as a concept album and also as a live performance with choreography. My favorite Jean Cocteau film is Orphée/Orpheus (1950) and for a very long time now, have wanted to create a work inspired by the Cocteau version of this story.