New song cycle for bass

Cuatro Canciones de las Últimas Horas

Bass singer Norman Espinoza asked me to write him a new song cycle with text by Pablo Neruda. He chose four sonnets from the book Cien Sonetos de Amor, a collection of 100 love sonnets by Pablo Neruda that were categorized by Mañana (Morning), Mediodía (Afternoon), Tarde (Evening), and Noche (Night). Click HERE to view the texts and translations.

I am playing piano, and we recorded these songs from February – March 2024.

For my new album, Long These Days, these songs will also include electric guitar featuring Tasos Peltekis. The combination of electric guitar with Norman’s voice sounds unique and haunting, and I can’t wait to share these once the album is released by EMITHA’s Lexicon Classics on August 16, 2024.

Indigo Nocturne – alto sax and piano

Shawna Pennock (alto sax) and Jennifer Bellor (piano)

Performing my piece “Indigo Nocturne” with Shawna Pennock at the March 20th Nextet concert at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas . I’m so happy Shawna asked me to write this new version of the piece, and it was so special to me that I got to perform it with her! 😊

Click HERE for more info about the piece.

Premiere of NOIR for tenor sax, electric guitar, and orchestra – September 26

I composed a new, expanded version of Noir for the Georgia Tech Concert orchestra under the direction of Andrea Pérez Muksi. It was premiered September 26, 2023 and featured jazz saxophonist Daniel Juárez and electric guitarist Nat Condit-Schultz.

Click HERE for more information about the piece.

For this new version, the piece has been extended to feature both the sax and electric guitar, along with giving the orchestra a more prominent role in various sections. Furthermore, I grew up listening to a lot of progressive rock, and wanted to incorporate more of that stylistic influence into this new composition.

The tenor sax melody at the beginning is originally from my art song composition, Nightingale (2011). In 2013, I decided to create an instrumental jazz version, which I titled Noir referencing the dark and mysterious atmosphere throughout. The chamber jazz version was premiered at the 2013 Rochester Fringe Festival, and the 2014 big band version was the winner of the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra Contest and performed at the Ear Shot Festival featuring alto saxophonist Grace Kelly.

Premiere of “Echo” for soprano and electric guitar feat. Olivia Yokers and Tasos Peltekis – September 18

Tasos Peltekis and Olivia Yokers perform Jennifer Bellor’s “Echo” from “A Smile and a Sigh”

Gorgeous performance of “Echo” from my song cycle, “A Smile and a Sigh,” at the Nextet concert on September 18th! There is a short video clip on my Instagram page, and if you want to hear the entire performance, click HERE to access the video.

Olivia and Tasos will be recording the entire song cycle for release on my new album (release date TBD 2024).

Faculty Composer at Alba Music Festival (May 2024)

Excited to be one of the composition faculty members at the Alba Music Festival Composition program. The festival is currently accepting applications for the May 2024 program featuring SOLI Chamber Ensemble, Aaron Jay Kernis, and faculty also including Erich Stem, Carl Schimmel, and J Anthony Allen. The application is free, open to composers of any nationality and stage of career, and some (limited) financial aid is available. To learn more, and to make an application, visit the program website:

New Work: NOIR for tenor sax, electric guitar, and orchestra

Jennifer Bellor
PC: Mark Maryanovich

Score and parts completed and sent! Just finished my piece Noir for tenor sax, electric guitar, and orchestra and really excited about this new version of the piece. Originally for big band, Chaowen Ting and the Georgia Tech Orchestras commissioned me to create this new version, which will be premiered by the Georgia Tech Concert Orchestra and members of the jazz ensemble on September 26. The piece will feature guest jazz tenor sax soloist Daniel Juárez and electric guitarist Nat Condit-Shultz. Andrea Pérez Muksi will be conducting the performance.

If you are interested in programming Noir for your orchestra after the premiere, send me a message!

July Photo Shoot at Nelson Ghost Town – Photos by Mark Maryanovich