KNPR Radio Theatre premiere – Beneath Area 51

Action shots 🎬🎶Premiere of the radio drama “Beneath Area 51” broadcasted live last night on KNPR. 👽 Photos by director @kate.stpierre Performed by members from the Las Vegas Philharmonic (De Ann Letourneau, Cory Tiffin, Moonlight Tran, Alexandria Le, Paul Firak, Patrick Bowen) @lvphil Sound designer – Martin St-Pierre Foley artist – Vince Verderame Script by Joe Schoenmann

This We Have Now (2020) – percussion quartet

This We Have Now (2020)

percussion quartet

  • Percussion 1: *MalletKAT
  • Percussion 2: Glockenspiel, Crotales, Xylophone, Drum set, Wind Chimes
  • Percussion 3: Vibraphone, Suspended Cymbal
  • Percussion 4: Marimba, Suspended Cymbal

Duration: 9:30

Click HERE to view the score.

MIDI realization

This We Have Now was commissioned by Clocks in Motion as a part of the Clock Shop Composer Residency, and was premiered at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on the Nextet series March 2020. The title is from a quote by Rumi:

“This We Have Now is not imagination. This is not grief or joy. Not a judging state, or an elation, or sadness. Those comes and go. This is the presence that doesn’t.” – Rumi

This We Have Now, featuring the electronic MalletKAT, will be featured on their new album and released by Aerocade Music Fall 2021.