Amethyst Sunset for 2 pianos and percussion – updated score and parts!

Amethyst Sunset for 2 pianos and percussion (2 players)

Duration: 9:00

Click HERE to view PDF of the score.

PDF Score and parts: $15

Parts: All individual parts and extra part for two pianos if pianists wants to read that score versus off of individual parts

You will be e-mailed an attachment with sheet music within 24 hours of your purchase. Sheet music can be printed from any computer.

Amethyst Sunset (2019) was commissioned by pianists Olga Shupyatskaya and Futaba Niekawa, and premiered at the Eastman School of Music July 23, 2019 also featuring percussionists Hannah Weaver and Kyle Peters. It was recorded for Bellor’s second album “Reflections at Dusk” that was released November 15, 201 by Innova Recordings. The piece was inspired by this photo taken of the Whitney Mesa Trail at sunset.

Recording Sessions for new album feat. Clocks in Motion percussion quartet

New album in the works! Clocks in Motion percussion quartet and I were at the University of Missouri to record all of the music I wrote for them as their Clocks Shop composer. Aerocade Music, under the direction of Meerenai Shim, will be releasing the album in November! Here are some photos from the sessions:

In the studio – recording “This We Have Now”
rehearsing “Oneira”

Rehearsing “Pendulum Surround”
Recording the MalletKAT for “This We Have Now”

Lunch break!

Celebrating after a productive three days of recording sessions!

Premiere of “Sky Bells” April 24th by Henderson Symphony Orchestra

  • “Sky Bells” – Jennifer Bellor
  • “Becoming Another” – Huang Ruo
  • “Symphony No. 6” – Beethoven

Saturday, April 24, 2021 – 8PM PST

Water Street Plaza, Henderson,

The Henderson Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Alexandra Arrieche, commissioned me to write Sky Bells. For more information about the work, please click HERE

Program note:

My inspiration comes from many places, visual elements related to memories, dreams, art, animation, even poetry.  Sky Bells was inspired by a hike I took on the Cathedral Lake Trail in Aspen, Colorado. I remember the blue lake sparkling in the sunlight enclosed by the mountains.  I went back to a piece I had written in 2009 about this hike, Celestial Surroundings for brass, pipe organ and percussion, and found even more inspiration to build upon my original composition. The initial brass theme from Celestial Surroundings gave life to this work which I called Sky Bells.

This piece shows something vast and unchanging juxtaposed against the tumultuousness of passing time. Imagine a large gothic cathedral on top of clouds, bells ringing, remaining firm and rooted. Yet, as time passes, light turns to darkness and back to light, everything in the periphery grows and dies and continues the same cycle, but the cathedral remains unaffected and the bells keep ringing.

Time’s Arrest – Music Video – Music Painting

Check out this beautiful music video! Visual Artists Inka Hannula and Teemu Raudaskoski produced this artwork in reaction to the miniature version of my piece “Time’s Arrest” performed by Niko Ronimus. 

Niko gave the Finnish premiere of the piece in Nokia back in October, and then he introduced me to Inka and Teemu (from Tampere, Finland) over a Zoom meeting earlier this year. We all talked about how this pandemic has been motivating us to explore new collaborations, and this gorgeous art work they created, which interprets both my music and Niko’s performance of it, is an example. I hope we collaborate again on new projects, and can’t wait to travel to Finland at some point in the future to meet them in person!

Clocks in Motion – new recording project!

Clocks in Motion percussion quartet and I will be producing a new album in 2021, and we need your support! The album will feature all original music I composed for Clocks in Motion as their resident composer.

HERE is a link to the campaign if you would like to support our recording project!

Clocks in Motion Percussion quartet and I are producing an album in 2021 and we’d love your support! 🎶🥰 The album will…

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