Long These Days (2024)

In anticipation of her forthcoming album, Long These Days, slated for release on August 16, 2024, through EMITHA’s prestigious label, Lexicon Classics, Bellor continues to push artistic boundaries. Collaborating with soprano Olivia Yokers, bass singer Norman Espinoza, and electric guitarist Tasos Peltekis, the album promises a captivating journey from dawn to night. Inspired by the timeless poetry of Christina Rossetti and Pablo Neruda, the album’s thematic depth is enriched by instrumental interludes crafted by Bellor on piano and Peltekis’ improvisations on electric guitar.

Jennifer Bellor, piano

Tasos Peltekis, electric guitar

Olivia Yokers, soprano

Norman Espinoza, bass

Click HERE for information about Lexicon Classics and purchasing Bellor’s album.

Mark these dates in your calendar:

July 5, 2024: release of single, Interlude: Eyelids Close

July 26, 2024: release of single, Echo

August 16, 2024: release of full album

The production of the album was supported by a Nevada Arts Council Fellowship and a Nevada Arts  Council Jackpot grant. 

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