New song cycle for bass

Cuatro Canciones de las Últimas Horas

Bass singer Norman Espinoza asked me to write him a new song cycle with text by Pablo Neruda. He chose four sonnets from the book Cien Sonetos de Amor, a collection of 100 love sonnets by Pablo Neruda that were categorized by Mañana (Morning), Mediodía (Afternoon), Tarde (Evening), and Noche (Night). Click HERE to view the texts and translations.

I am playing piano, and we recorded these songs from February – March 2024.

For my new album, Long These Days, these songs will also include electric guitar featuring Tasos Peltekis. The combination of electric guitar with Norman’s voice sounds unique and haunting, and I can’t wait to share these once the album is released by EMITHA’s Lexicon Classics on August 16, 2024.

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