Premiere of NOIR for tenor sax, electric guitar, and orchestra – September 26

I composed a new, expanded version of Noir for the Georgia Tech Concert orchestra under the direction of Andrea Pérez Muksi. It was premiered September 26, 2023 and featured jazz saxophonist Daniel Juárez and electric guitarist Nat Condit-Schultz.

Click HERE for more information about the piece.

For this new version, the piece has been extended to feature both the sax and electric guitar, along with giving the orchestra a more prominent role in various sections. Furthermore, I grew up listening to a lot of progressive rock, and wanted to incorporate more of that stylistic influence into this new composition.

The tenor sax melody at the beginning is originally from my art song composition, Nightingale (2011). In 2013, I decided to create an instrumental jazz version, which I titled Noir referencing the dark and mysterious atmosphere throughout. The chamber jazz version was premiered at the 2013 Rochester Fringe Festival, and the 2014 big band version was the winner of the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra Contest and performed at the Ear Shot Festival featuring alto saxophonist Grace Kelly.

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