Noir (2024) – wind ensemble feat. tenor sax and electric guitar

Noir (2024)

for tenor saxophone, electric guitar, and orchestra

Duration: 9′

Tenor Saxophone with improvisation and Electric Guitar with improvisation

Available for purchase: JW Pepper


Piccolo – Flutes 1,2 – Flute 3,4 – Oboes 1,2 – English Horn – Clarinet in Eb – Clarinets 1,2 in Bb – Clarinets 3,4 in Bb – *Basset Horn – Bass Clarinet in Bb – *Contrabass Clarinet in Bb – Bassoons 1,2 – *Contrabassoon – Soprano Saxophone – Alto Saxophones 1,2 – Tenor Saxophone – Baritone Saxophone – Horns 1,2 in F – Horns 3,4 in F – Trumpets 1,2 in Bb- Trumpets 3,4 in Bb – Trombones 1,2 – Bass Trombone – Euphonium – Tuba

Tenor Saxophone with improvisation – Electric Guitar with improvisation


Drum Set with improvisation

6 Percussionists (Tubular Bells, Suspended Cymbal, Triangle, Bass Drum, Wind Chimes, Large Gong (large gong or tam-tam), Glockenspiel, Crotales (high octave))



Double Bass


Any instrumental parts with an (*) are optional. In the event that players for a specific instrumentent not labeled with an (*) are not available, they may be omitted as long as that part is doubled in another instrument of the same range. If the number of percussionists are not available, any part except tubular bells can be omitted.