New Single – Interlude: Eyelids Close

My new single “Interlude: Eyelids Close” dropped today! This is one of the piano/electric guitar interludes I wrote that links two of the art songs on my new album. I am playing piano, and Tasos Peltekis is improvising on the electric guitar. My entire album, Long These Days, will be released by Lexicon Classics on August 16 and begins with songs and instrumental interludes about dawn and morning and ends with music about night and dreaming.

Music video was shot and edited by Shahab Zargari

Location provided by Alexandria Le

Ron George, recording and mixing

Gil Kaupp, mastering

Coming soon:

July 26: Second single, “Echo” feat. soprano Olivia Yokers, Tasos Peltekis and Jennifer Bellor

August 16: Full album released by Lexicon Classics (feat. Jennifer Bellor, Tasos Peltekis, Olivia Yokers, and Norman Espinoza)

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