Reflections at Dusk (2019) – vibraphone

Reflections at Dusk (2019)

featuring vibraphone
with ensemble (with electric vibraphone, harp, and marimba) or with “tape”

Features James Whiting, vibraphone
Merrick Haji-Sheikh, electric vibraphone
Emily Montoya Barnes, harp
Gabriela Ordoñez Villalobos, marimba

The “tape” track is the recorded ensemble parts, in order to capture the synth sounds produced by the electric vibraphone. Both the vibraphone and the track should begin at the same time.

Duration: 4 minutes

PDF Vibraphone part: $5

PDF Score and vibraphone part: $10

Download of “tape” track: $5

PDF Score and all parts (vibes, harp, marimba, electric vibraphone): $20

Time’s Arrest – miniature version (2015)

This miniature was written as an interlude for album “Stay” (2016) and is the 1 1/2 minute version of Reflections at Dusk.

Tim Jones, vibraphone

Duration: 1 1/2 minutes
PDF of Score: $3