Uprising (2012)

Uprising (2012)

for wind ensemble featuring improvised drum set


1 Piccolo – 3 Flutes – 2 Oboes – 1 English Horn – 4 Clarinets in Bb – 1 Bass clarinet in Bb – 2 Alto saxophones – 1 Tenor saxophone – 1 Baritone saxophone – 2 Bassoons – 1 Contrabassoon – 4 Horns in F – 4 Trumpets in Bb – 3 Trombones – 1 Bass Trombone – 1 Tuba –  Timpani – 3 Percussion – Solo improvised Drum Set – Piano – Bass

Uprising (2012) was written for the Eastman Wind Ensemble under the direction of Mark Scatterday and premiered October 2012. A second performance featured drummer Tom Giampietro and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst Wind Ensemble under the direction of James Patrick Miller in March 2013.

Duration: 10 minutes

Level: Advanced 

Notes: The drum set part is completely improvised. Also, some of the solos are pretty virtuosic (i.e. oboe). Some of these solos can be given to other instruments, if needed. Let me know and I can create additional parts.

To view a PDF of the score, click HERE.

PDF Score and Parts Bundle for download: $150

1 Tabloid size PDF of score, letter-size parts, and 1 conductor score of the revised version and parts, if you are interested in having a look at that version. See below:

————- FYI —————

I was experimenting with a shorter/revised version of the piece for a performance by the Oregon State University Wind Ensemble under the direction of Chris Chapman May 31, 2018. I think the updated version is more of a level 5, and the premiere went really well. There currently is not a live recording of the piece, however.

If you are interested in purchasing Uprising, and not sure which version works best for your ensemble, email info@jenniferbellor.com, and I can share with you the conductor score of the recent revised version.  If you already purchased the (2012) version, you will receive a free PDF of the revised 2018 version along with the parts. That way, you can decide which version works best for your group.

Duration of the shorter version: 8 minutes

To see a PDF of this version, click HERE.

8-minute Instrumentation:

Piccolo – 2 Flute – Oboe – English Horn (opt.) – 2 Clarinet in Bb – Bass Clarinet – 2 Bassoon – Contrabassoon (opt.) – 2 Alto sax – Tenor Sax – Baritone Sax – 2 Horn in F – 3 Trumpet in Bb – Flugelhorn (or Trumpet 4) – 2 Trombone – Bass Trombone – Euphonium – Tuba – Timpani – Drum Set (feature) – Percussion 1 (triangle, suspended cymbal, temple blocks) – Percussion 2 (bass drum, large gong, medium gong) – Percussion 3 (Vibraphone) – Piano – Electric bass (or double bass)