Air Aquatic (2022)

marimba solo

Duration: 8’30”

Air Aquatic was commissioned by Andy Harnsberger. I wanted the title to have the word “Air” in it because of the double meaning of the word “Air.” The piece is a song-like instrumental composition, and I was inspired by my first experiences scuba diving in Fiji over the summer of 2022. When diving, I was always aware of my breath and the constant push and pull, the inhaling and exhaling, which is important for maintaining the right trim, or buoyancy control. When everything felt right, I was able to glide along and view the gorgeous fish and coral. My favorite moments were diving in an underwater cave that led to the Great White Wall, and of course, interacting with all of the various fish species. Then at the end of our dive, we had to begin our ascent. As we ascended to 15 feet, the current was so strong at times that I felt that I could be carried away. As we became closer and closer to the surface, the moment was bittersweet. I was relieved that everything went smoothly, but sad that our dive had to come to an end. Looking down into the depths while waiting for the boat, I reflect on the experience and view the aquatic life continuing onward.