Damselfly Prelude (2021)

Damselfly Prelude (2021)

*cello and piano

Duration: 7:00

*The cello part was originally written for the baroque five-string violoncello piccolo. It can also be performed on the modern cello, and if there are any modifications that need to be made to fit the part for the modern cello, I am happy to make those changes.

Damselfly Prelude was commissioned by cellist Ka-Wai Yu for premiere November 15, 2021 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with Jonathan Rhodes Lee on the fortepiano.


Damselfly Prelude was commissioned by cellist Ka-Wai Yu. Written for the five-string
baroque cello and fortepiano, I combined some of my favorite contrapuntal techniques employed by Bach with a sultry melody that explores the full registral capabilities of this cello.

A note from the performers about these instruments: “The five-string cello is a replica of the so-called violoncello piccolo that JS Bach seemed to have in mind when he composed his famous cello suites. The fortepiano is a copy of the one built in 1806 by Anton Walter, who built these instruments for Mozart and Beethoven.”

Fun fact: The state insect of Nevada is the Vivid Dancer Damselfly.