Songs in the Dark (2016)

Songs in the Dark (2016)

song cycle for mezzo-soprano or soprano* and piano (optional synth and electric bass)

Duration: 12′

Text by Emily Brontë

  • I. The Night is Darkening (text from poem “The Night is Darkening”
  • Interlude: “Frozen” 
  • II. Fall, Leaves, Fall (text from poem “Fall, Leaves, Fall”)
  • III. I’ll Not Weep (text from poem “Stanzas”)

*Songs can be transposed to fit a higher voice.

Click HERE to view PDF of score for voice and piano (text included on second page)

PDF Score and parts: $15 (includes voice and piano score plus the optional synth and electric bass parts)


Songs in the Dark (2016)

version for mezzo-soprano or soprano, string quartet, vibraphone, electric bass 

Duration: 8′

1. The Night Is Darkening (text from poem “Night is Darkening”)
Interlude – “Frozen” creating the cold and dreary atmosphere; leaves falling from trees and other instruments join in before voice begins
2. Fall, Leaves, Fall (text from poem “Fall, Leaves, Fall”)