Chase the Stars (2015)

Chase the Stars (2015)

soprano, rapper, flute, clarinet, string quartet, vibraphone, glockenspiel, piano, electric guitar, bass, and drums 

Duration: 7:00

Sung text from poem “Ah! Why, Because the Dazzling Sun” by Emily Brontë (1818-1848)
Original lyrics by rapper Rasar Amani (not listed in score)

Click HERE to view a PDF of the score.

PDF Score and Parts: $20

Chase the Stars was written for the NYC-based ensemble ShoutHouse December 10, 2015. The recording above was featured on Bellor’s debut album STAY (2016).
“Powerful from the very beginning, Bellor’s gorgeously haunting vocals hypnotizes in “Chase the Stars” like a seemingly innocent mermaid who will later capture you with no intentions of bringing you back. It is a bold and avant-garde juxtaposition of two genres—opera and rap.” – No Depression

“For those who prefer contemporary jazz with a twist, “Chase the Stars” is an absolute must.” – JazzCorner

It was a 2016/17 winner of The American prize.

There are also jazz instrumental versions of Chase the Stars. Click HERE for more details.