Of Maker and Movement (2019)

Of Maker and Movement (2019)

percussion quartet

Three movements (movements can also be performed separately)

Duration: 16:00

Click HERE to view a PDF of the score.

Flexible instrumentation: Any parts labeled “galvitone” can also be played on glockenspiel, or instrument with similar range. The part labeled “aquarion” can be performed on another keyboard instrument with similar range, such as marimba/vibraphone combination, or MalletKAT.

I. Pendulum Surround

Duration: 4:30

II. Quartz Revolution

Duration: 8:00

III. Dance of Hands

Duration: 3:30

PDF of Score and Parts: $40

Of Maker and Movement was commissioned by Clocks in Motion as a part of the Clock Shop Residency. It was written for both traditional instruments and those created by Clocks in Motion, such as the galvitone. The piece also works for all traditional instruments (scores and parts for that version will be created soon). It was premiered at Muhlenberg College March 14, 2019, and performed again at Cleveland State University Fall 2019. The video recordings are from their performance March 10, 2020 on the UNLV Nextet new music concert at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

“Jennifer Bellor’s three-movement Of Maker and Movement (2018-19) created ethereal sounds with various mallet instruments, sometimes approaching an ambient aesthetic. Marimba, vibraphone, and glockenspiel were joined by two instruments created by the group: the Aquarion — a glass marimba with an otherworldly quality when rolled — and the Galvitone — tuned steel pipes. The simple, yet detailed beauty of the sounds, some motoric, others melodic, was arresting… Bellor writes ravishingly and imaginatively for percussion, and Clocks in Motion have made her their resident composer. Three more quartets will come from her pen in the near future…” -David Kulma, Clevelandclassical.com

Of Maker & Movement will be featured on the next Clocks in Motion album that will be released November 2021 by Aerocade Music.