Electric Vortex (2013)

Electric Vortex (2013)

Jazz Combo and Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble instrumentation:

1 Piccolo – 3 Flutes – 2 Oboes – 1 English Horn – 3 Clarinets in Bb – 1 Bass Clarinet – 2 Bassoons – 2 Alto saxophones – 2 Tenor saxophones – 1 Baritone saxophone – 4 Horns in F – 4 Trumpets in Bb – 2 Trombones – 1 Bass trombone – 1 Euphonium – 1 Tuba – Double Bass – Piano – Timpani – 3 Percussion (large and medium gongs, glockenspiel, xylophone, tubular bells, triangle, congas, vibraphone, bass drum, tam-tam)

Jazz Combo instrumentation:

Alto sax/Tenor sax/Trombone – electric guitar – electric bass – drums

Duration: 7′

Featuring Jazz Tenor sax:

To view a PDF of the score featuring tenor sax, click HERE.

Featuring Jazz Trombone:

To view a PDF of the score featuring trombone, click HERE.

Recording featuring trombone (live performance at California State University East Bay)

Featuring Alto Sax:

To view a PDF of the score featuring alto saxophone, click HERE.

Recording featuring alto saxophone (live performance at Central Connecticut State University)

Electric Vortex(2013) was written for consortium of 10 ensembles. I enjoy writing music for both jazz and classical musicians, and many of my compositions over the last three years have showcased these musicians performing together. When conductor Jared Chase approached me summer 2012 about writing a piece for both the Eastman Wind Orchestra and the Nazareth Wind Symphony to perform, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to write a piece for wind ensemble featuring the local jazz band, Bending and Breaking led by drummer Aaron Staebell. I envisioned writing a wind ensemble piece featuring Aaron’s band ever since he premiered my composition Uprising (2012) with the Eastman Wind Ensemble. Bending and Breaking featured: Wills McKenna, tenor saxophone; Wendy Eisenberg, electric guitar; Matt Krol, electric bass; and Aaron Staebell, drums.  I wrote Electric Vortex to showcase this collaboration. Inspired by powerful images I found online of an electric vortex, I envisioned the improvisation group to be the ‘eye’ in this powerful whirlwind.