New Album – Oneira – August 19th!

Just received the physical copies of my new album with Clocks in Motion percussion quartet, which will be officially released by Aerocade Music on August 19th! Thank you, Meerenai Shim!

Our new album will feature all of the percussion quartet music I composed for Clocks in Motion the last three years as their resident Clock Shop composer. The program note story was created by Shawna Pennock, and there will be a music animation film released soon that was produced by Christine Banna for my composition, also titled “Oneira.”

Use this link to pre-save on Spotify, or enter your email to get more info about the album. More soon! 🤩🎉🎶

New music! Reviravoltas Sonoras for violin, vibraphone, and double bass

Premiere May 5, 2022 at the University of Nevada Las Vegas featuring Lucas Martins (violin), Gabriela Ordoñez-Villalobos (vibraphone), and Molly Redfield (double bass)

Reviravoltas Sonoras was commissioned by bassist Molly Redfield and premiered May 5, 2022 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with Lucas Martins (violin) and Grabriela Ordoñez-Villalobos (vibraphone). The trio came up with the title of the piece after their first rehearsal. A note from the violinist: “The title is from Portuguese and aptly describes the playful soundscape full of twists and turns, creating the juxtapositon of percussive sounds and soaring melodies. The etymological root of the word “Reviravolta” comes from the junction of “revira” and “volta,” which both express some sort of turning, twisting, or dancing. “Sonora” is an adjective that can be translated to express resonance, reverberance, or singing.” – Lucas H.T. Martins (violin)

Recording will be available fall 2020.

Click HERE for more information about the piece.