Link to Damselfly Prelude music video release -Feb. 1st!

Damselfly Prelude will be released February 1st at 10 AM on YouTube! Here is the link:

Music Credits:

Jennifer Bellor, composer 

Ka-Wai Yu, five-string baroque cello 

Jonathan Rhodes Lee, fortepiano 

Ron George, recording and mixing 

Gil Kaupp, mastering 

Video Credits: 

Cast: Jonathan Rhodes Lee, Ka-Wai Yu, Jennifer Bellor, Christie Leone

Directed and edited by: Shahab Zargari

Executive Producer: Jennifer Bellor

PA: Ramses Cantu

Production Design and Props: Jennifer Bellor, Jonathan Rhodes Lee, Shahab Zargari, Mike Willoughby, Edward&Sons

New Music Video dropping soon! Damselfly Prelude

The Damselfly Prelude music video and track will be dropping on February 1st! Stay tuned!

Music by Jennifer Bellor

Ka-Wai Yu (five-string baroque cello); Jonathan Rhodes Lee (fortepiano)

Cast: Ka-Wai Yu, Jonathan Rhodes Lee, Jennifer Bellor, and Christie Leone

On January 15th, the music video shoot took place in Jonathan Rhode Lee’s house. Directed by Shahab Zargari, we turned the room into a steampunk inspired parlor. Here are some photos from the shoot:

KNPR Radio Theatre premiere – Beneath Area 51

Action shots 🎬🎶Premiere of the radio drama “Beneath Area 51” broadcasted live last night on KNPR. 👽 Photos by director @kate.stpierre Performed by members from the Las Vegas Philharmonic (De Ann Letourneau, Cory Tiffin, Moonlight Tran, Alexandria Le, Paul Firak, Patrick Bowen) @lvphil Sound designer – Martin St-Pierre Foley artist – Vince Verderame Script by Joe Schoenmann