NSA Chamber Orchestra plays “Out of the Shadows” May 6

This Sunday, the NSA Chamber Orchestra under the direction of guest conductor Alexandra Arrieche will perform my piece “Out of the Shadows” for string orchestra, jazz trumpet, vibraphone, piano, electric bass and drums. This will be the premiere of the string orchestra version. They rehearsed it beautifully last night and I’m very excited for Sunday! It’s going to be a great concert! 🎶🎻🎺🎹🎸🥁

Uprising (rev. 2018) for Wind Ensemble feat. drum set now available!

Uprising (rev. 2018)

for wind ensemble feat. improvised drum set

Duration: 8 minutes

Piccolo – 2 Flute – Oboe – English Horn (opt.) – 2 Clarinet in Bb – Bass Clarinet – 2 Bassoon – Contrabassoon (opt.) – 2 Alto sax – Tenor Sax – Baritone Sax – 2 Horn in F – 3 Trumpet in Bb – Flugelhorn (or Trumpet 4) – 2 Trombone – Bass Trombone – Euphonium – Tuba – Timpani – Drum Set (feature) – Percussion 1 (triangle, suspended cymbal, temple blocks) – Percussion 2 (bass drum, large gong, medium gong) – Vibraphone – Piano – Electric bass (or double bass)

The West coast premiere of Uprising (rev. 2018) will be May 2018 by the Oregon State University Wind Ensemble under the direction of Chris Chapman.

Uprising (rev. 2018) was originally written for the Eastman Wind Ensemble under the direction of Mark Scatterday and premiered October 2012. A second performance featured drummer Tom Giampietro and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst Wind Ensemble under the direction of James Patrick Miller in March 2013.

Please email info@jenniferbellor.com for more information on purchasing score/parts.

Echo’s Lament (rev. 2018) for String Orchestra now available!

Echo’s Lament (2018)

Violin 1
Violin 2
Violin 3
Violoncello 1
Violoncello 2
Double Bass

From Greek Mythology, Echo was a nymph whom the goddess Hera cursed with just an echo
for a voice as punishment. Echo’s Lament was inspired by the story, as well as a painting by my late friend,
Jennifer Mathiason (1983-2009). It was originally commissioned and premiered by the Millersville University Orchestra under the direction of Reuben Blundell in 2009 and later revised for its 2018 Southwest premiere by the Nevada School of the Arts
orchestra in Las Vegas.

Duration: 6 minutes
PDF Score: $25
PDF Parts: $20

Email info@jenniferbellor.com for purchase of score and parts.