Premiere of Christabel: A Chamber opera/scenic cantata in 2 acts

The premiere of my chamber opera/scenic cantata “Christabel” was a huge success! It was such a pleasure to work with such amazing performers. Here is the video from the April 28 premiere at Eastman School of Music:

Christabel (2012) – a chamber opera/scenic cantata in 2 acts
Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem “Christabel” adapted to libretto by Alexandra Tursi and Jennifer Bellor

Jennifer Bellor, composer
Lindsay Warren Baker, director
Danko Daniel Drusko, conductor

Pablo Bustos, Narrator
Natasha Drake, Christabel
Emily R. Mills, Geraldine

Alicia Mastrella,Christabel dancer
Katie Rhea, Geraldine dancer

Andrew Pramuk, Sir Leoline
John Leighton, Bard Bracy

Emlyn Johnson, flute
Wai Ki Wun, clarinet/bass clarinet
Lauren Cauley and Elizabeth Ehrlich, violin
Kelsey Farr, viola
Audrey Snyder, cello
Wan-Ling Chuang, bass
Chiao-Wen Cheng, piano
Megan Arns and Drew Worden, percussion
Aaron Staebell, drums

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