Photo shoot with Sean Gutierrez in LA on March 21, 2015

Here are some of the photos from my photo shoot with photographer Sean Gutierrez. I’m so incredibly happy with these and excited to share!
DSC01673_DxO1 copyDSC02431_DxO copyqwyhQoXw2rlqACbLZ2xO28vcD_J2m6dw12MzDPbt04fxxDVEdxca7m0nqVQBC5cHVt2NXA=w1256-h479 copyDSC02328_DxO copyDSC02126_DxO copyDSC01917 copy7MwraPySPeTGG6hM3ODKBIKpHVRaRPWOb0a7nNOCsNUiSlmUkMX2j2Wwgmqd7zDT7ZbnIA=w1256-h450 copy























DSC02381_DxO copyIn addition, Sean also took professional photos of one of my students, Dimitri Carabas. Here is a photo of us at the Union Train Station in LA:






And, finally, here are some fun photos of all of us from the weekend: At the Max Richter concert and at brunch selecting the photos!


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