Light Awaken – video of premiere

March 23, 2022 at University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Light Awaken was premiered at the UNLV Nextet new music series concert on March 23, 2022 featuring Shawna Pennock (alto sax), Lauren Zwonik-Stutz (flute), Weiwei Le (violin), Jennifer Bellor (piano), Gabriela Ordoñez Villalobos (percussion), “Theo” the robotic arm (mini cymbals), Phil Joy (mechatronics engineer), and Tim Warren (conductor).

While composing Light Awaken, I was inspired by the motion and sound the robotic arm
makes. I imagined a beautiful, melodic composition that includes the sweeping motion and sound of the robotic arm paired with saxophone multiphonics, flute wind tones, and violin harmonics. Phil Joy built the robotic arm that inspired this entire composition, and we call it, “Theo.”

*The piece was written to include a robotic arm(s) on stage to perform alongside the live performers. However, the piece can still be performed without a robotic arm.

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