Music Video – ONEIRA – I Care if You Listen

Official music video for “Oneira” 👽🛸 Here is a link to the article and the exclusive premiere of the video:…/video-premiere-clocks…/

Thank you, I Care if You Listen, for helping us share this video with the world! This science fiction short showcases the very special collaboration I had with the brilliant animator Christine Banna.

From Christine: “The concept for “Oneira” originated as a direct response to the music. I took in Jen’s composition and studied it before I started the process of conceptualizing the animation. I let my response to the music develop organically. From the start, the percussion felt like it had a crystalline sound, so I knew crystals would be an essential aspect of the narrative and visuals…From there, I started to develop a character who was thrown on a journey to mirror the flow and change in the composition itself. Science fiction felt like a genre that would give me a lot of freedom aesthetically and narratively, and with those initial seeds, I began to explore, research, and plan.”

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