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Improvising 😊🎹 I’m in the process of creating a version of my piece “Indigo Nocturne” for alto sax and piano and playing around with some ideas! This is a video I took a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d add this as my first improvisation video on here. Hope you enjoy it! (And still working on the piece!) 🎶🎹🎷. . . . #composers #composer #improvisation #piano #pianoimprov #composing #newmusic #brainstorming #composingmusic #homestudiolife .

♬ original sound – Dr.Jenwritesmusic🎶🎹🎻🎸🎷🥁

In addition to my composition projects this summer, one of my goals is to create and share keyboard improvisation videos. One of my favorite activities at home is improvising at my piano and antique pump organ. Improvising gives me happiness and serenity. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to share one of my improvisations on Instagram and Facebook. After receiving some really kind feedback on my first video, I decide this would be one of my new long term projects. I look forward to creating and sharing more improvisations in the coming weeks and cannot wait to communicate more musical ideas with all of you. I hope you enjoy listening!

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